Difference has to be designed. This is where the language of brands has been so successful. In order to convey a subtle emotional resonance that will make one object stand out from another, an arsenal of semiotic weaponry has been deployed. The past 15 years has seen a quiet revolution in car design, as manufacturers have revisited their archives, using stylistic and semiotic quotes to tie contemporary products into a wider historic context.

This evening I got a call from service center

They told me Tesla USA engineers seen a tentative of hacking on my car…

I explained it was me because I tried to connect the diagnosis port to get some useful data (speed, power, etc…). They told me it can be related to industrial espionage and advised me to stop investigation, to not void the warranty…. Don’t know if they really seen something in the log, because I just sniffed the network. Or maybe they seen the port scanning with nmap ? Or maybe they just read this topic ?