Instead, qualitative research could be used to provide a foundation of preliminary knowledge about a particular problem, population, and so forth. Ultimately, that knowledge can be used to help inform the design of a tool that would be useful.

Chadwick Bailey. “Qualitative, Quantitative, or Both? Tips for Choosing the Right Tool” (via peterspear)

A colleague of mine makes the distinction between qualitative being for theory building and quantitative being for theory testing.

The left-wing doesn’t have a prior claim to veganism,” says Tim. “Industrial meat production is incompatible with our nationalist and socialist world views.

Heil Hipster: The Young Neo-Nazis Trying to Put a Stylish Face on Hate

Nazi hipsters are apparently called “nipsters”.

Also, “Tim the Nazi” sounds a lot like a Monty Python character.

Actually, I can imagine an hilarious sketch of “Tim the Nazi” being “the most nationalist in the village”.